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Rules & Regulations

Below are the rules and regulations in order to participate.  We follow similar guidelines as the rest of the 1/2 mile events.  We may and probably will be slightly different due to this event being in conjunction with an air show.  We will have an AM & PM session with air show in between the two sessions.  

We limit the amount of participants per day to allow sufficient amount of runs per day.  We can't guarantee how many runs but we try to offer as many as time permits per day.  Pending how the day goes and no delays most likely you'll get more.  There is NO REFUND, CREDIT or RAINCHECK due to weather, accident and or circumstances beyond our control.  Event will proceed as schedule rain or shine and run when track is safe to continue.  

Trap Speed MPH ONLY!  No E/T or 1/4 mile numbers will be provided



All participants MUST go through tech inspection prior to participating.  

** Print out and fill the pre-tech inspection form prior to going through tech inspection.  This will speed up the process. 

  Go Pro's and other action cameras are allowed.  If installing outside of the vehicle please use proper suction mount.  If action camera falls from vehicle, session will be suspended until track is inspected.  All vehicle allowed but make sure it meets all state vehicle inspection as well. Please make sure to look for any loose panels, tires with good threads, NO windshield cracks, no leaking oil, etc. You get the point. Please don’t arrive with a vehicle that will not pass state inspection and expect to run. Event is for street legal vehicles. We will allow specialty vehicles with prior approval. Specialty vehicles will not be allowed for daily awards.

All Participants and crew must read and sign waiver.

Tires MUST be DOT approved. DOT drag radials allowed. NO SLICKS 

Vehicles up to 170mph

HelmetsAll participants must wear Snell SA2010 and newer. DOT or ECE helmets will not be allowed.  Open face helmets are allowed.  If riding in a open cockpit vehicle you MUST wear eye protection. Full helmet recommended.

Clothing - All drivers must wear long pants, closed toe shoes and shirt.  SFI Approved gloves are recommended but not mandatory.  

Seat Belts - All vehicles must have min OEM factory Installed seat belts.  

Tires - Manufacture recommended or better.  SLICKS are not allowed.  DOT Drag radials are allowed.

Roll Cage -  Roll cage are recommended for all vehicles pending on model.  Please email us at if you are unsure.  Convertibles is allowed as long as it’s equipped with factory roll over bar.  4-6 point roll cages are recommended but not required. 


Vehicles; 171mph-200mph

Helmets - All drivers must wear a Snell SA2010 or newer.  Open face helmet is allowed as long as it meets Snell 2010 or newer.  Protective eye wear are required when using an open face helmet.  Full face helmets are required if you are in a open cockpit. Balaclava is required. DOT only helmets will NOT be ALLOWED.  

Clothing - All drivers must wear long pants, closed toe shoes and long sleeve (race jacket recommended).  All drivers MUST wear SFI approved gloves.  SFI 3.2A/1 or better drivers suit recommended but not required.  

Seat Belts - All drivers must have min OEM factory installed seat belts.  Racing harness are recommended but not required.  Must be installed properly and have manufacture DOT approval tag. Lap belts without use of shoulder restraints are not permitted.  

Fire Extinguisher -  Recommended for all vehicles but not required. 

Roll Cage -  Roll cage are recommended for all vehicles pending on model.  Please email us at if you are unsure.  Convertibles is allowed as long as it’s equipped with factory roll over bar.  4-6 point roll cages are recommended but not required.  

Tires - Manufacture recommended tires or better.  Higher speed rating than factory is recommended.  DOT Drag radials are allowed.  No slicks.  

Vehicles exceeding 201 mph +

Helmets - All drivers must wear SNELL SA2010 or newer.  Helmets must have current manufacture date on it.  DOT only certified helmets will not be allowed.  Snell SA2005 and newer open face helmets are allowed but must wear eye protection.  If you are in a open cockpit you must wear a full face.  Padded neck collar or hans device are recommended but not required.

Clothing - All drivers must wear a SFI 3.2A/1 or better drivers suit.  SFI 3.3 gloves and shoes are required.  

Seat Belts - All vehicles must have a 5 or better point seat belts.  All seat belts must meet SFI 16.1 or 16.5with dated label no older than 5 years old.  Further questions please email

Fire Extinguisher - All vehicles must be equipped with a fire extinguisher with a secure quick release mount.  Preferably in reach of the driver.  Fire Extinguisher system is recommended but not required.  

Roll Cage - All vehicles must be equipped with minimum 4 point roll cage.  

Tires - Tires must be a Y rated and or a competition road race tire are recommended.  Those using competition racing tires must show proof of the manufacture recommendations speed of over 190mph.  



Below are the requirements for all motorcycles safety requirements.  


Engine Kill Switch - Must have a lanyard style kill switch that turns off all power in the event the rider falls off.  Tip over switches are not allowed. 

Safety Wire - Front axles but be safety wired.  Drive chain must have the master link clip safety wired or siliconed.  Oil drain plugs and filler cap should have safety wire. 

Clothing - All riders must wear a full leather race suit, leather gloves, and riding boots.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Helmet - Helmets must be Snell SA2010 or newer with approved sticker.  Helmets must be in good condition including inner shells, liner and strap.  Must have current dates on helmet.  M2000 helmets will not be permitted.  

Breather Hose - Crank case breather hoses must be run into a catch tank or in the air box.  

Brakes - Both front and rear brakes should be in good working condition

Chain Guard - Metal chain guard is required at all times. 

Steering Damper - Required on all motorcycles exceeding 160mph.  

Motorcycle should be in good condition.  All parts should be secured and properly installed.  Anything that looks unsafe or not installed correctly will not be permitted to participate.  

Refund Policy

There is NO REFUND, NO CREDIT & NO RAINCHECK!  We apologize for the inconvenience but this is due to all of the upfront significant costs in order to host our events.  This goes for weather, accident and or other reasoning beyond our control.  Your registration is only good for the day you register for. Event is rain or shine.  In case is rains, we will wait and run as long as the track is dry enough and safe to continue.  If it's a wash out we will offer discount to next event.  If you have to cancel last minute due to any circumstances please let us know at lest a 2 weeks prior to the event so we can reach out to our waiting list to see if we have any takers.  inside of two weeks we will try to work with you but no promises.  Week till the event no changes can be made.

2019 Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show & Balloon

Festival Event Guidelines and Helpful Hints

  • All events/activities are subject to change & WEATHER PERMITTING.

  • NO RAIN CHECKS or Refunds.

  • PLEASE bring Exact Change for Parking which is $5.00 per Car/Truck/Motorcycle. ALL RV’s will park in the RV Lot and Pay that day’s/night fee – NO Exceptions.

  • Motorcycle parking on runway versus grass at the Main Entrance Gate (Helmer Road)

  • On-Site RV Camping is available. Advance registration is requested and recommended until June 10th, then it will be first come, first serve.

  • Bus Groups are welcome and we need you to enter via South Airport Road, Gate #6.

  • Kids 3ft and under are FREE EVERY DAY.

  • HANDICAP PARKING & FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE AVAILABLE - Ask a parking volunteer or any Committee Member with a Radio.

  • Available for Rent: Handicap Motorized Carts & Wagons.

  • SMALL CANOPY TENTS ALLOWED on event grounds in Designated Areas. Please pay attention to signage indicating designated area. You may be asked to move if you are not behind the line and PLEASE do not block our Beverage Tents.

  • Plan to bring Lawn Chairs or blankets. Wagons are available to rent at the Main Gate.

  • Coolers ARE allowed and WILL be inspected at the Admission Gate


  • NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES can be brought in, but can be purchased on-site with proper ID.

  • NO Firearms Permitted.

  • NO Drones or flying objects allowed.

  • NO Helium Balloons or Air Blown Balloons permitted.

  • NO Sparklers or Fireworks permitted.

  • NO Pets allowed on event grounds.

  • NO loitering, tents, chairs, blankets, etc. are allowed in GENERAL PARKING AREAS.


  • NO Grills are permitted on event grounds except in the RV Camping Area - Rules will apply.

  • NO bicycles, mopeds, golf carts, etc. are allowed on event grounds except if STATE APPROVED HANDICAP UNITS – Handicap carts are available to rent at the Main Gate.

  • NO overnight stays except in the RV Camping Area.

  • Daily Admission and Parking Fees will apply. Admission Wristbands and Parking Passes are good ALL DAY.

  • Field of Flight Information Booth is located just inside the Main Gate.

  • Fantastic Food Vendors are on Site.

  • Purchase your Carnival Ride Tickets in advance and save $$. See Article under Entertainment.

  • Bronson Battle Creek will be providing a “Changing and Feeding Station” for mom’s and their children. This is located at the South End of the Field by the Stage and Field Hospital.

  • Take a picture or write down the parking lot sign you park your vehicle closest to.

  • No Hot-Air Balloon Rides are available during the Event.


Admission is for the Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show & Balloon festival which includes Battle Creek Speedfest show area.  Admission includes access to the show area including carnival rides, live music, vendor area and games the whole family can enjoy.  Welcome to bring a tent, cooler and cold foods but please no alcohol, grills and personal golf carts.  If your handicap and or have problem walking around the show area you are welcome to rent scooters at the main gate.  No spectators will be allowed to go to the starting line up.  Outside of the show area is restricted area and only participants, approved crew members, staff, approved media and airport personals are allowed.  No exceptions.  This is a working airport and have to follow strict guidelines.