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Participant registration will open Friday March 1st 2019 at 12pm Eastern/ 11am Central.  Make sure to mark your calendars.  This event will sell out fast.  Last year we sold out within a few days.  

New for 2019

  • 2019 updates coming soon

  • Race America Dual MPH Timing system. (T-Link 3.0)


Prices includes Driver & 1 crew member, 1 Parking pass in designated area, goody bag & 1 Event T-Shirt!  You will also receive assigned participant numbers that will be placed one on each side.  Approximate 9.5x13.  Motorcycles can participate any day. Motorcycle award will be given for Sunday participants only. If we have more than 5 motorcycles per day than we will add more awards.  

Thursday July 4th - $TBA (Private Session Only)***

Friday July 5th - $200 (AM & PM session)

Saturday July 6th - $225 (AM & PM session)

Sunday July 7th - $225 (AM & PM session)

Friday 7/5 & Saturday 7/6 - $400 (AM & PM session)

Saturday 7/6 & Sunday 7/7 - $425 (AM & PM session )

3 day pass (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) - $550 (Friday 6/30 - Sunday 7/2)

*** Limited to only 25 vehicles. Private Track day available for this day. Email

Once you register PLEASE don’t forget to click on “Cart” located at the top right hand corner of the page to make payment. We DO NOT receive registration information until payment is made. We DO NOT take registration information and payments over the phone.

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REMINDER! Please don't expect to be able to leave when you like from the airport grounds.  WE CANNOT GUARANTEE RE-ENTRY once you leave.  Vehicle parked in spectator area cannot move/leave once show is open.  Several roads will be barricaded and will be tough to get to Gate 20.  If you must exit please park in general parking.  We will have an area for Speedfest spectators to park in general parking. Gate times will be posted at a later date.

We cannot man the gate since it's a restricted gate.

Will only be able to open during assigned times 



2019 Awards

- All awards will be handed out at the end of each day.  We will have one LARGE overall fastest MPH plaque handed out at the end of the event. Rest of the awards will be smaller plaques.  

Awards will be handed out 30 min after the last session 


- Overall Fastest mph (Large Plaque)

- Overall Fastest AWD (Plaque)

- Overall Fastest RWD (Plaque)

- Overall Fastest FWD (Plaque)

- Fastest AWD (Daily)

- Fastest RWD (Daily)

- Fastest FWD (Daily)

- Fastest Sedan (Daily)

- Fastest Manual Transmission (Daily)

- Fastest All Motor (Daily)

- Fastest Supercharged (Daily) TBD

- Fastest Turbo Vehicle (Daily) TBD

- Fastest Female Driver (Daily)

- Fastest Motorcycle (Sunday Only for awards)



Note; - TBD - If we have enough participants registered daily for a specific award we will add it.

-If there is enough motorcycle for daily awards we will add. More than 5 per day.

Dual Lane MPH Timing System by