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For all media inquiries, please fill out the request form below.  We cannot guarantee access to everyone.  Being a working airport we are VERY limited to how many request we can accept.  We do require proof of work with motorsport experience.  Thank you in advance.  Any questions welcome to email us at  


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Releasees- Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show & Balloon Festival, Battle Creek Speedfest, Speedfest Inc, W.K Kellogg Airport, City of Battle Creek MI, as well as any agents, employees, or representatives thereof. By accepting this agreement and entering the premises of the EVENT, I hereby agree to the following: 1. I accept and understand that there is a serious risk of injury in being present at any motorsports event, whether as a participant, spectator, worker, media member, or otherwise; and 2. I accept and believe I am physically, emotionally, and mentally able to be present at this EVENT; and 3. I accept and understand that I must abide by all rules instituted by the organizers of this EVENT at any and all times, regardless of my role; and 4. I accept and understand I am solely responsibility for my own personal safety, and the personal safety of any individuals accompanying me; and 5. I accept and understand I may be removed, without refund, at any time from the EVENT for behavior deemed improper or unsafe by EVENT staff.