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Frequently Asked Questions



  • Q - Who can registers?      

    • A - Any makes and models.  Motorcycles allowed

  • Q - Classes?      

    • A - Open class, line up with who you like. 

  • Q - How many passes?       

    • A - 2 sessions per day.  Average 6 runs per day pending how day goes.  

  • Q - Tire restrictions?      

    • A - No slicks allowed.  Drag radials are allowed. 

  • Q - Timing?    

    • A - Will be timing MPH on both lanes at finish line. 

  • Q - Shut down distance?        

    • A - You will have 4500ft to stop

  • Q - Camping available?          

    • A - Yes, camping is allowed but must register at www.BCBalloons.com.  

  • Q - Race fuel onsite?      

    • A - We are working with VP Fuels to have racing fuel available onsite.  Sold at a discounted price.  Will confirm at later date.  

  •  Q - Helmets required for low speeds?    

    • A - All must have a DOT / Snell 2010 and above helmet in order to participate.  

  •  Q - Speed restrictions/ requirements?  

    • A - All vehicles will go through tech inspection.  Pending your speed, more safety requirements are required in order to continue to participate at that speeds.  Visit our safety requirement page for more information or email us at BCSpeedfest@gmail.com.  

  •  Q - What does registrations includes?    

    • A - All who registers will include 2 entry passes including driver and 1 parking pass.  Additional passes can be purchased online or you can purchase on site at main gate.  (We do not accept outside coupons for general admissions.  You'll have to purchase tickets on site and provide discount coupons)

  • Q - Refund if I am not able to make it?  

    •  A - Due to upfront expenses we have, we do not offer refunds.  You are allowed to sell and transfer for registration.  Must notify Speedfest to update roster and drivers informations.  In case of bad weather, accident and or runway shut down due to FAA, No REFUND is given.  In case event is canceled prior to event date and Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival continues as planned, due to up front cost, partial refund will be given in same same way form of payment.  

  • Q - Can I have a passenger while I run the event?  

    • A - We do not allow anyone to ride in a vehicle during the event.  

  • Q - Support/Tow Vehicle allowed?  

    • A - Yes, support/Tow vehicle is allowed but must notify Speedfest first for further information. 

  • Q - Can I add Go Pro and or other Camera mounts on vehicles?  

    • A - Yes you can but strongly recommend having a safety wire attached to it in case it falls if out side of vehicle.  This is a working airport and anything that falls off the vehicle will shut down the run way until it's been inspected. 

  • Q - Will there be a drivers tent or lounge?  

    • A - Yes, there will be a designated area for drivers.  Water and snacks will be included while supplies last.  

  • Q - Are we allowed to bring tents?  

    • A - Yes you can bring tents but must be secured with weights.  You can place tents on grass. 

  • Q - Can we bring in food and coolers?  

    • A - Yes you can bring food and coolers.  No gas or charcoal grills allowed.  No alcohol beverages can be brought in the airport.  No glass please.  Cans, and plastic allowed.  Alcohol beverages will be sold on site.  

  • Q - Can we leave and return anytime?  

    • A - If you are going to be needing to go in and out the airport, We recommend that you park at gate 16 entrance.  Here you can go in and out as much as you like but you'll have to park in general parking area.  If you are in the show area, you will not be permitted to go in and out.  

  • Q - When do we enter?  

    • A - All will check in at host hotel.  Here you'll be given all your credentials and information.  We will then leave and have a police escort to the airport.  If you can not make it to check in,  please notify a Speedfest employee and make arrangements to enter the airport.  We all will be entering through Gate 20 off Helmer Rd.  

  • Q - Trailer restrictions?  

    • A - There is no trailer restrictions.  We do ask that those traveling with a trailer notify us.  If you'll be attending for the full weekend, we will be having a trailer parade with a Police Escort entering the Airport Thursday afternoon.  Trailers will be parked on cement and not on grass.  If the trailer is not needed we do have a designated area for trailers to be parked if not part of the Pit area.

  • Q - Why open registration so early?

    • A - We open up registration early because of the event being held during one of the most traveled weekend of the year.  BCSF is a family event where all ages will have a great time.  So we like to give sufficient notice so families that will be attending make proper travel arrangements.